It's incredible how much one bad week can affect a person. Even just one out-of-the-ordinary, malfunctioning 24hours can be the "bitch that kills your vibe."

I pride myself on being the 'Glass is Half Full' chick. I try and keep my spirits and the spirits of the people around me on a positive note. It's not difficult for me to brush off petty things. I don't need constant reassurance from my friendships nor do I feel the need to compare myself to others. I don't concentrate on my flaws or obsess over them. And I certainly don't break into random cry sessions in my car. These just aren't traits found in me..... I thought.

So why now? What is so different this week? When did my glass become half-empty??

Been laying in my room this past hour contemplating this. Then, mid-pity party it dawned on me. My big 'aha' moment.

Ready for this.....?

P. M. S.

.... Ugh. It's no joke. To all my females suffering from this right now, my condolences. And to everyone else suffering from the effects of someone else's visit from Mother Nature, my deeper condolences.


6/14/2013 03:56:05 am

Simply the best! Love your writing style and hope you keep up with this blog


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