Woke up this morning with rainbows shining through my windows!!! The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in the sunshine state and I couldn't be more gay (in the "happy" sense).

We are so much closer to becoming the true "Land of the Free." I am SO happy to be on the right side of history and I've never been more proud to be a Californian.

I urge those of you who are still pro-DOMA to stand back and truly evaluate what it is that you are fighting against. You're blatantly opposing LOVE! You are going out of your way to shoot down happiness for thousands of Americans. All the LGBT community is asking for is respect and tolerance. We are a civil enough country for that, aren't we?

Hey DOMA... Sashay Away!

Although today is a monumental day for us in California and for the 5 other states who practice equality, it is still only the beginning for us as a country. The tides are changing though and I have faith that we will all soon live in a hate-free America.

So raise your voices. Love all. And most importantly, send me some damn wedding invites!

Now, I'm off to celebrate. West Hollywood here I come... And I'm bringing the bacon.

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